A woman recently arrived in the Cloud Spires from the distant land of Calimshan.

Khanoom ("madamn," or "lady") Leonida Zamfirescu is a well known figure in her country for a variety of reasons.

She has served in her provincial military as a footman, an officer and a hunter (an elite fighter, defending against djinn and other magical beasts).

She has served as a pilgrim and diplomat to several regions around the world and her favoured climates have always been high mountains and chilling environments.

She has never explained why she prefers the cold to the heat of her home land.

She has been responsible for leading her three trusted bodyguards, and a Minotaur who has taken an oath of service, for nearly three years of hard work in vanquishing a range of varied enemies.

Her body guards consist of Armando, a paladin of the Vested Blade, a church of Torm; Palaccerro, a paladin of the Blind Quill, a church of Oghma, Vecna and Tyr, and Elloettro, a cleric of The Guiding Light, the Waterdavian Ministry of Pelor.

The Minotaur, a brute named Daturok, is a deadly fighter with a broken horn and a massive scar on his back. Both injuries from his unyielding service to Zamfirsecu.

Commanding a massive loyalty of her people, she is trained to be brutal, and empathic to be sensitive. In her short life she has already watched poverty or material wealth consume people, she has watched populations rise and fall, she has watched new life come to being and new life taken by horrible fate.

She has been betrothed to Ivor Ketterrog through relations conducted by her father and Lucretia's envoys to the south.

Lucretia saw an incredible example in this woman and thinking highly of her son, felt the match made sense.

Leonida is at this time impassive emotionally towards Mr. Ketterrog but is pleased by her fathers choice; she is however, still invested in whatever mission the gods pass down to her.