Pinnacle Garden


"Bare thy chest shall be thus the open air they breast shall breathe so that witnessed of thee Pelor can be, and bring to ye the warmth of all."

~Pelorite Psalm 4

The open air garden suspended between the four towers of the Church of Sun & Scroll.

A beautiful assortment of varied colours arrays on all sides in marble troughs.

My chest of fire, my mind so bright. My father guides me, I see his light.

~Pelorite Psalm 18

The flora in the troughs is made up of


Sweet Alyssum





Let the day chase away the shades that prey upon my flock that I may stave the starve of cold for yet another day.

~ Pelorite Psalm 12

The flora in the green houses is an assortment of


White & Red Roses

Morus Bushes (Small cuttings of Mullberry trees)

While much of the flora here is ceremonial and decorative, the garden serves primarily as a meeting place for religious teaching, political discussions, and especially weddings.

A customary activity is to keep an open chest way to the cold to allow Pelor to warm you while you are "closest to him."

Children who (often) ask if "you wouldn't be closer to Pelor in the towers," are met with a smirk and a pat on the head.