Pasha of Canaan


The Pasha of Canaan

A Goblin free trader

Shady imports, luxury items, contraband, arms, armor, ship repairs, healing, supplies, all at well above market cost, but offered at the most TIMELY moments.

The pasha's first mate is a scryer of some small talent, and able to chart courses to individuals who will be in need of their goods and Willing to pay when they arrive.

The ship itself is possessed of an ancient and massive cloaking engine, allowing it to slip through most blockades and embargoes completely undetected. The trade off is limited cargo capacity and speed for such a large ship. The Pasha's edge is in strategy, not velocity.

Her armament is uncharacteristically heavy, as she is often exposed to dangerous situations while uncloaked to negotiate with clients. Similarly the patchwork hull is plated and engineered more like a battleship than a merchant vessel. Though in the style of Goblins, with many plates layered haphazardly and weaponry bristling from makeshift gunports and hard points.

Her ships complement averages at a couple dozen Goblins, the majority acting as engineers stationed in crawlspaces throughout the hull, in order to repair damage shortly after it is received, or heavily armored marines strapped with trench-brooms and hatchets to repel boarders.

The Pasha of Canaan, (affectionately nicknamed The Stinkfist by her crew) does not accept charter, and because of the manner of her cloaking cannot be contacted, if they are needed they might arrive, if the barter is right.