Malorens Rest


A small town nestled against the curve of the Tun River.

The town is mainly full of a fishermen who trawl the river, and shepherds tending flocks of sheep and assorted cattle on the outskirts of town; it also houses a small military outpost.

A shade under 800 people lives in Maloren's Rest. The town has partial wooden walls to repel the possible incursions of evil races dwelling in Farsea Swamp to the north.

The city belongs to Cormyr, one of Faerun's last true nations. The town's nearest neighbor is Old Axe, a similarly sized lumber town.

The city has been slowly expanding north, pushing back the swamp with construction. The Kuotoan denizens of the swamp lands are none pleased.

A singular family of some repute has moved in to conduct business with the supply of alchemical wonders the swamp has to offer.