The Tesper family owned the northernmost lands toward the Maiden's Tomb Tor (the legendary tomb of a barbarian princess).


The Tespers are an eclectic bunch but amongst the spread out family, is Auric Tesper, who heads the museum.

The Tesper family is made of 12 children between two marriages that the head of the family had maintained until his death. This of course left two widows, between whom sit 8 children on one side and 4 on the other.

The two ladies agreed to bearing a simple hierarchy to leading the family based on their skills in each of the house's industries and the Tesper family has done well for it.

Lynette and Iyanna Tesper are mothers to the 12 children of Ollivander Tesper.

Lynette bore, Ulrick, Pennis, Ludvig, Wenndle, Kyatcha, Pollum, Auric, and Rollo.

Iyanna bore, Yannsa, Euller, Tyrsha and Auratyr.

The family is known for textiles, and general labour as well as some magical talents in alchemy and research.

The families pride is Auric's work at the museum where he is assisted by Wenndle, Rollo and Kyatcha.