Oghmita Exercitus


The militant members of Oghma's following in the Cloud Spires are simply referred to as Oghma's Men of War.

As far as paladins and clerics go, they are some of the most tactically minded, often employing magics in unexpected and largely effective ways.

They are seated in nearly every city that has a church of Oghma with a following large enough to support the recruitment.

While many regard Oghmites as docile, the truth is that they will fight fiercely to defend the security of whatever knowledge those Oghmites are responsible for.

The material possessions, such as scrolls and books as well as the needs of the Viri Libre are protected by the Oghmita Exercitus.

The Oghmita Exercitus maintains many champions; of these many champions, a number of them have converged to help push Daed Al Icarr's agenda upon the CloudSpires

The members of this elite leadership

Currently, this team of champions is in the employ of Mordea Hidross in the battle for Dodsland.