The Sunlight Rule


The 'Varonasquee Sunlight Rule' in its entirety, this rule stipulates that no player may be affected by more then one viewer affect per round.

This includes blessings and curses. If a player has received a viewer blessing or curse this turn, another may not apply this turn. If the respective effect can be stacked in waiting, it is placed on the board to be applied later. If the effect is circumstantial and the circumstances wane for any reason, the effect is wasted and the XP lost (choose your targets wisely).

The Varonasquee Sunlight Rule was created through discussion of the events of 01/20/2017 where the viewer Varonasquee calculated and spent a total 27500 XP to commit 11 Sunbeam spells against Eldin Nim Chomsky.

The effect caused approximately 300 points of damage and as a concentration effect would cause this damage for the next 10 turns, or until dispelled (11 times over) or some form of shielding was provided. The effect was nullified by DM fiat and hamfisted super NPC appearance because it was really late and it sucks to have your character killed because your DM decided to set up a stream and pander himself out to the masses and why does that guy have so much XP omgwtfbbq?

This rule has evolved since to claim that no player may be directly affected by a viewer but recent injection activity has proven that Dooley can't keep the a good viewer suggestion (or at times even a bad one) in his pants. For shame, Dooley.